Why join our team?

Community.  Taxes can be scary.  Our clients need someone they can trust.  As a Jackson Hewitt Tax Pro, you become a pillar of the community.  You grow with your clients, filing their taxes from the time they are single through marriage, adding dependents and then when dependents age out.   You know when succeed and when they struggle.  Our Tax Pros are trained to put clients at ease, digging deep to get them every dollar they’re entitled to.  Seeing them smile when they see their refund amount.  Well, that’s just icing on the cake.

You need flexibility.  We offer seasonal, flexible schedules that fit into your busy life.  Not really a 9  to 5 kind of person?  Looking to be home with your family in the summer?  The tax season begins in mid-December and ends April 18th, just in time for spring.


You like taxes… you REALLY like taxes.  Cool—so do we!  Calling all tax geeks — it’s ok to like taxes, we certainly do!   Join our team and you will enjoy the extensive training, plenty of free CE credits and the potential to advance.

You  want more!  Looking for a variety of options, and the potential for growth?  We have more positions available than you think.  Sure, you can be a Tax Professional — but if you are looking for more we also have Leadership and Office Support positions available.

Ever see someones face light up when you hand them a BIG CHECK?

Maybe you should.

The Compensation

Our Tax Pros get paid in two ways:

Hourly pay + Commission  

= Total Compensation

Hourly pay is a pre-negotiated wage to compensate you for your time, paid on a bi-weekly schedule during the season

Commission is paid at the end of the season.  This commission is based on production (as a % of your net revenue) and is the bulk of the compensation that successful tax pros receive. 

Our top seasoned preparer produced nearly $230,000 in net revenue for their work.  Total compensation for last season’s work was over $40,000

Hours worked:  600      

Actual compensation per hour, over $50

Our top first year preparer produced over $70,000 in net revenue for their work.  The total compensation for their first season’s work will be at least $12,500 

Hours worked: 600       

Actual compensation per hour, over $18.00*

*based on starting hourly rate in 2018

Additional incentives are available throughout the season.

Your Balance

If you are a Work to Live type—you are happy to work hard like few people will, to live like only a few people can.  We have Tax Pros just like you, who work hard every day of the season, then take their bonus and enjoy the rest of the year off.  You get to relax from April 15th through December when next season’s training is in full swing.  Many qualify to collect unemployment benefits during this time.

If you are a Live to Work type—we know you, too!  Many of our tax pros have a full time job.  Our top preparer works a 9 to 5, and because their hours are flexible with us (and with their other employer) they are able to fit earning an additional $30,000 into their annual salary, in just 4 months!

The Benefits of Seasonal Employment

Make your annual salary in 4 months
then kick back and enjoy the rest of the year!
Catch up!
Enjoy a post holiday catch up from for your finances.
Plan for summer!
Increase your income during the colder months to fund your summer vacation, boat, etc.
We offer flexible scheduling - days, nights, weekends or any combination that fits your life.
You may qualify for Unemployment Benefits during the off season, if this is your only job.
Meet People!
Get to know a lot of people in a short amount of time - you might even make a few new friends!
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Do you have what it takes?

Sales skills—open to learning the sales process.  Be able to clearly explain the pricing, and demonstrate maximum value to our clients.

Customer service—Our tax pros are good listeners.  The ability to provide an exceptional client experience is what makes us stand above the rest.

Technical skills—proficiency in learning tax theory, detail oriented, basic computer skills

Seasonal hours—have flexibility during the short tax season.

Motivated—be a hard worker even when you are the only one in the office.